We create commercial kitchens that work.

Big or small, we can design from scratch, refurbish or simply upgrade.

Our capabilities as commercial kitchen installers are diverse and our customer base is extensive. We find solutions which range from the complex requirements of high-end restaurants to the more modest needs of local church halls.

Our experience is vast and with over 40 years of knowledge accumulated from every corner of the industry, our team is fully equipped to deliver everything it takes to get you cooking.

Who we work with

The national drive towards healthy eating is reaping rewards at many levels. Nurseries, primary and senior schools, colleges and universities need to do what they can to provide food choices that appeal to students with nutritional values that help them to flourish.

We have solutions for, and experience in, every style of restaurant kitchen working to just about any budget and space. Our vast portfolio ranges from Michelin starred destination restaurants to independent high street eateries – and everything in-between.

Great pub food needs great cooking facilities and our pub kitchen portfolio includes many which have gone on to win prestigious food awards. As well as that, we’ve helped hundreds more to set up and to succeed in delivering the menus they aspired to.

We regularly work with religious establishments of all denominations, from large churches, mosques and temples to tiny community halls, always finding a way to help them improve their catering facilities and thereby reach out to their local communities.

Whether you’re running a large hotel with extensive banqueting and function requirements, a B&B or a guest house, your guests will be sure to judge you by the food you serve, so let us help you make sure your kitchen is as efficient and productive as it possibly can be.

Any sandwich shop, deli or café operator wanting to get noticed needs to entice customers with on-trend food and super-fast service that will keep them returning. With the right food-prep and merchandising equipment, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Kitchens that prepare food for events need highly streamlined designs that enable chefs to precision-manage the sheer volume of dishes, often to tight deadlines. These highly specialist kitchens often have very singular demands that require a meticulously planned workflow design.

You can help ensure your cooking facilities will remain future-proof within the casual dining and food-to-go sector by calling on our extensive design experience. We can help establish the best choices for many years of profitable service in this rapidly evolving sector.

Providing appetising food for your clientele is essential on many levels, not least of which is that it attracts more people; helps license applications and is, quite simply, very lucrative. We’ll be able to suggest some great options that work for your venue.

Cultural and arts venues are the ultimate choice for imaginative and stylish receptions and events. We’ve helped a great number of these establishments by providing well specified catering and cooking facilities that can easily produce the menus options they need.

Ensuring that patients’ or residents’ nutritional needs are fulfilled in any care facility is crucial. A well-planned kitchen which considers workflow and volume whilst maintaining the highest standards of hygiene makes a vast difference to the quality and choices of food offerings.

Although not the main event at a sporting fixture, food and drink offerings play an essential role so it’s imperative to provide a tailored selection that will appeal to your customer base. Whether it’s light snacks, fast food or fine dining, we can provide the facilities you’ll need.

Significant private residences where important functions, parties and dinners are regularly hosted often require a secondary, restaurant-standard kitchen well away from the family space. This provides in-house or guest chefs with all the appliances and facilities they need.

Good, tasty food, presented at its best, is important in keeping a deserving workforce happy and motivated. Whether it’s a hospital canteen or car plant cafeteria, quality, efficiency and speed of service at both front and back of house are key priorities that must be addressed.

Behind the scenes, both UK government and foreign diplomatic buildings must be able to provide the facilities to cater for and host many important functions. This makes a highly versatile commercial kitchen and serving facility an essential requirement.

The UK’s best loved, and most recognisable, old and historic buildings need professional facilities to provide visitors and guests with drinks, snacks and meals. As well as this, the ability to cater for weddings, events and functions is both essential and lucrative.

Some of our
recent successes

Cecconi’s Shoreditch

This Shoreditch townhouse and Italian restaurant is part of the international Soho House Group

Sam’s Riverside

Sam Harrison’s new all-day, Anglo-French brasserie, overlooking the Thames

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We’ve amassed more than 40 years’ experience designing, specifying and installing commercial kitchens in every sector of the hospitality and catering industry.

We solve problems and find solutions that make every single kitchen we design special. Once we know what you want to achieve, we have the ability and expertise to produce a design that allows you to explore your operation’s full potential. Quite simply, we create commercial kitchens that work!

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