Bespoke Warewashing

We’ll equip you with the tools and the means to ensure you can rely on a never-ending supply of clean and sparkling tableware and glassware


Designed for you

Designing a super-efficient warewashing solution that effortlessly keeps pace with tableware generated during a busy service is a sophisticated process. This will always begin with us conducting a thorough appraisal of the space you have available and the quantity of covers you need to process within a specific timeframe. A clearly defined brief is always our starting point.

A place for everything

After assessing your site and requirements, we will produce a detailed design to create the optimum system. This will inevitably centre around either a pass-through, rack conveyer or flight warewashing machine and will include strategic zones for processing used items at one end and assembling clean items at the other, allowing for a fast-flowing and highly streamlined operation.

A clean installation

When the design is agreed, we’ll produce service drawings and appoint a dedicated project manager to co-ordinate and supervise every aspect of progress. The PM will specify and commission bespoke manufacturing and will liaise with your contractors and key trades to ensure that all elements are coordinated and that schedules are adhered to. Then, when preparation work is completed, the PM will oversee your delivery and installation.

Water treatment

Unless your water is sourced from a mountain stream, you will almost definitely need a form of water treatment both to ensure that the best wash results can be obtained and to extend the life of your dishwashing system. We can provide options ranging from water softeners to sophisticated reverse osmosis systems as well as specifying the right detergents and chemicals to produce outstanding results wash after wash.

Back-up you can count on

Following a seamless and smooth installation, our engineers will commission your equipment and will give your staff thorough training in the best way of maximising the benefits of the system. Our unwavering commitment to back-up support and service has generated a very long list of satisfied customers. The outstanding and responsive support provided by our in-house network of engineers will ensure complete peace of mind for many years ahead.

It starts with a conversation

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of planning or you have a site that’s ready to go, it’s never too early to involve us. We can advise and assist you at every stage so let’s a start the conversation today.

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