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Catering within the workplace has grown far beyond the basic facility it once was. Nowadays staff expect a popular and nutritious selection of foods and drink served within a convivial environment.

Efficient systems maintain quality

When food is to be served to a large number of employees or customers within a limited timeframe, there are certain factors that are key. Congestion needs to be avoided, service needs to be fast and food quality needs to be maintained. We have valuable experience in this area and have the skill and experience to design super-efficient systems that perform on all levels.

Something for everyone

The new generation of canteens and refectories compete on many levels with mainstream cafés and food outlets. The quality of food is elevated and provides options for all diets and appetites. Presentation is a crucial consideration. The use of cleverly designed food service counters that display food effectively and hold it at the optimum temperature, make the customer’s choice far easier.

Our expert team has the combined ability to design, supply and install every last component of these projects from the storage areas and kitchens to the serveries themselves.

Here are some examples of establishments we’ve helped:

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