Commercial Kitchen Extraction

We can design, supply and install the extraction system you need to keep your kitchen fresh and safe.


Commercial kitchen ventilation that works

Adequate ventilation by the means of both kitchen extraction and fresh air replacement is mandatory in all commercial environments where food is prepared and cooked. The requirements and stipulations which surround commercial kitchen ventilation can differ greatly according to your location, building and neighbouring buildings. We are totally familiar with the challenges and peculiarities that each new site can bring. Our in-house experts will therefore consider all influencing factors, gain a detailed understanding of what and how you cook and then design a system that is tailored to your needs.

A specialist team

We address all relevant aspects of commercial kitchen ventilation from initial contact and survey to professionally produced drawings and installation. Our specialist teams include experienced designers, electrical technicians and installation engineers to ensure each component functions perfectly. Importantly, we ease the complexity of implementation by liaising closely with your essential building trades to ensure that every aspect of necessary work is perfectly synchronised.

Keep it fresh

When hot, fume-filled air is removed from a building it must be replaced in near-equal measure by clean fresh air from an outside source via a supply-air system with gas interlock devices that monitor the balance accurately. Some areas, or even specific buildings, are subjected to strict controls over the volumes of odour, smoke and grease emissions they are permitted to expel and this can be further legislated with enforced noise restrictions. Should these apply to your operation, we can prescribe the most appropriate methods of air purification and acoustic attenuation systems to assist your compliance.

Support and back-up at every stage

Should planning permission be required for your system, we can help with technical information and/or drawings that might be necessary to assist you with your application. Beyond the installation, your extraction system will require periodic deep cleaning to ensure functionality and fire safety compliance and we can introduce you to reputable, specialist contractors. In addition to your kitchen extraction system, you may be also be required to install an automatic fire suppression system and, here again, we can help you find the correct solutions.

It starts with a conversation

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of planning or you have a site that’s ready to go, it’s never too early to involve us. We can advise and assist you at every stage so let’s start the conversation today.

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