Kitchen Design
& Fit Out

Commercial kitchens have been at the very heart of our company for over 40 years. With projects ranging from big to small and simple to complex, we’ve helped more than 2000 thriving ventures spring to life from our drawing board.

Kitchen Designers

Great design can have a profound impact on the way your chefs go about their work. That’s why we focus on even the smallest details – we know it makes the difference between a good kitchen and a great one.

The Six Key Stages to Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

There are six key stages to the successful delivery of any kitchen project and we’re here to help you through each and every one. Ideally, you’ll get in touch with us while you’re still sketching on the back of envelopes and before your builders begin on site. Our input in the early planning stages of a project can make a dynamic difference to your business.

Plans & Visions

This is the ideal time to contact us – while your business plan is embryonic, while you’re securing premises and while you’re perfecting your menus.

Briefs & Blueprints

This is where we meet you, visit your site and gain a thorough understanding of your business, your concept and your product so that we can formulate the ultimate design brief.

Define & Design

We begin with a layout that delivers a clear and logical workflow and then we painstakingly select the equipment that will become the backbone of your business.

Manage & Build

Because our installation will be just one component of your overall project, we meticulously project-manage every aspect of our work alongside your contractors and trades.

Install & Commission

When your site is prepared and ready, our handling team will position the new equipment, enabling our installers to connect, test and commission your brand-new kitchen.

Aftercare & Maintenance

After handing over and training your staff, we will, of course, always be available to assist you through the lifespan of your venture – as well as any future enterprises too!

Plans &

We want our relationship with you to start as soon as your ideas are formulated or your premises are secured. Our early input can make a very real difference to the final functionality and flow of your kitchen so, even if you’re at the very initial stages, do get in touch – it’s never too early to involve us.

  • We urge you to contact us during the planning stages of your venture.
  • We can work with your designers / architects assisting with space planning.
  • We can call on our 40 years’ experience of working on projects just like yours.
  • We can advise you on vital design components such as services and ventilation.
  • We can help you budget and plan realistically for your new kitchen.

Briefs &

We’ll discuss your menu ideas, talk about covers, speak with your chefs, take measurements and check essential services. This will give us what we need to explore the logistics of what it is possible to achieve in terms of the building itself and your budget. We lay a great deal of emphasis on this initial brief as it enables us to envisage and create your ultimate design.

  • We will learn about your concept and products, your menu and your market.
  • We will learn the constraints of your site and the space you have available.
  • We will discuss our brief with your architects or arrange our own survey.
  • We will discuss your budgetary options and timeframe challenges.
  • We will brief our skilled design team to begin visualising and planning.
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Great design is at the heart of everything we do, and we delve into our 40 years’ experience for every new project we approach. From our initial findings, our highly practiced design studio will explore all possible layout permutations and select the best equipment bring your ideas to fruition.  From literally thousands of options, we will painstakingly and impartially source the most appropriate equipment for your menu, space and budget. The layout and the specification are then married together.


Our consultants and designers have worked at the very highest level of our industry and will always take into account how the kitchen will be used during a single day, a month and even a year. We’ll factor in safety and functionality as well as ensuring that we create a logical and streamlined workflow so that your chefs can work comfortably and efficiently. The clarity and detail of our design will enable you to visualise how your finished kitchen will work and allow you to fine-tune the layout to the point of perfection.

Great Design Is What
Sets Us Apart

Great design begins with putting the right equipment in the right place – clever design adds unquantifiable value. Quite simply, design is the epicentre of everything we do.

  • Great design is about understanding you, your business and your needs.
  • Great design is about logical planning and the best possible use of space.
  • Great design is about efficiency and creating a productive environment.
  • Great design is about a considered workflow and the comfort of your staff.
  • Great design is about calculating storage and looking after your products.
  • Great design is about hygiene and intelligent access for thorough cleaning.
  • Great design is about versatility and flexibility allowing your business to adapt.
  • Great design is about having empathy and respect for your budget and constraints.
  • Great design is about being open minded, subjective and never being afraid to learn.
  • Great design is about putting 40 years of learning into every scheme we produce.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs

Manage &

Most of our installations are part of broader fit-out or refurbishment project whereby our installation takes place in the latter stages. Nonetheless, we remain fully engaged throughout the entire building programme. We will appoint a project manager who will liaise with your contractors, attend meetings, check progress, oversee vital manufacturing and keep on top of schedules. When the preparation work is completed, the PM will supervise the delivery and installation.

  • We’ll be at your service as soon as your building contractors begin on site.
  • We’ll visit site regularly both for scheduled meetings and our own observations.
  • We’ll arrange surveys and coordinate the running of services by your trades.
  • We’ll regularly assess site progress constantly re-evaluating our programme of works.
  • We’ll work with you in ensuring that your site is 100% ready for your new kitchen.

Install &

We securely consolidate all your equipment during the weeks prior to delivery. This allows us to perform a single, timed delivery during which our handlers carefully position every item according to the design before our specialist installation team test and commission the equipment and handover to you. Finally, we provide thorough training to ensure your entire team is totally familiar with the new kit so that cooking can commence.

  • We consolidate all your goods in one secure place prior to installation.
  • We visit the site and ensure the space is totally ready to accept delivery.
  • We offload and deliver all goods and place them in their designated positions.
  • We seamlessly install your kitchen, meticulously testing and appraising as we go.
  • We commission equipment and handover to your team so cooking can commence.
  • We provide full training for your chefs to instil full confidence from day one.

Aftercare &

Once your kitchen is completed and 100% operational, we will continue to provide you with help and support whenever you should need it. Of course, we’ll have already organised staff training to make sure the new equipment is used to its best effect from day one. However, beyond this, we’ll always be available to help with any teething issues, make small changes, supply extra equipment and, hopefully, to design and install your next successful project.

  • We trust the installation of your kitchen is just the start of a long relationship with you.
  • We will stand by you and your staff when your operation opens its doors.
  • We will be available to offer support and ongoing training to your staff.
  • We can organise both reactive and preventative
    maintenance when needed.
  • We will, of course, be there for you when it’s time to open your next venture!

It starts with a conversation

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of planning or you have a site that’s ready to go, it’s never too early to involve us. We can advise and assist you at every stage so let’s a start the conversation today.

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