Servery Counters

Custom designed serveries enable you to provide appetising food to feed a large number of people quickly and efficiently


Showing your customers what you’ve got

We plan and build fully bespoke servery and food service counters made to suit your specific dining schedule. Our customer base is widespread and includes schools that must feed hundred, even thousands of pupils within a very short timeframe, hospitals that have to keep a round-the-clock selection of meals and snacks available and factory refectories that need to sustain a busy workforce.

A thorough brief

Our serveries start life with a detailed brief from you combined with a site survey. As well as taking key measurements of the available space, routes and points of entry and exit, we need to know how many people will be eating and across what timespan; the type of food and number of options you plan to make available; what percentage will be hot, cold or ambient and whether the facility will be self-serve of staff-served. With this information, we’ll be able to configure a layout that will comfortably handle your maximum throughput of people efficiently and quickly.

The function

Your project can incorporate whatever ratios of chilled and heated displays you require and we’ll work with you to devise the best way of achieving this to ensure the most ergonomic and customer-friendly solution. We will help you choose specifications that work on every level – delivering your fare, keeping pace with the heaviest customer demand and maintaining food quality. We’ll also make sure that there’s an efficient system for dealing with used crockery, trays and food packaging so that front of house is always tidy and inviting.

The form

Aesthetics are of course very important. As well as showing food off to its best advantage, there are limitless design options for the servery itself to make sure it works perfectly with your colour palette, image and branding. Countertops can be produced in natural or composite stone, Corian, stainless steel or from various timbers. Fascia panels have virtually limitless colour and finish options. We can include LED task and mood lighting as well as the tray slides, service shelves, sneeze screens and glass guards you’ll need to give you an easily maintainable, durable and stylish finish.

It starts with a conversation

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of planning or you have a site that’s ready to go, it’s never too early to involve us. We can advise and assist you at every stage so let’s a start the conversation today.

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