Wine Workshop
and Kitchen

Restaurant Kitchen
Marylebone & Oxford Circus, London.

The traditional wine bar experience taken to a whole new level with impeccable food and exciting wine lists

Agnar Sverrisson, chef patron of the Michelin starred Texture, asked us to create kitchens in his follow-up restaurant/wine bar concept, 28°-50° Wine Workshop and Kitchen. The first of these, in London’s Marylebone, presented us with a challenge. The space allocated was a small and awkwardly shaped basement area which needed to house 8 chefs, while a further potential issue was that the kitchen was open to the prestigious, 12 cover chef’s table, so had to look good as well as function efficiently.

Finding solutions for spatial challenges has always been something the Nelson design team has excelled at and, for 28°-50° we came up with a winning solution. We initially divided the space with stud walls to create defined areas for storage, wash-up and, of course, preparation and cooking.

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An Inka charcoal oven which can reach an impressive 500°C is sited in full view of diners, directly behind the pass, providing an element of theatre. To help counteract the heat output from this, an induction cooking suite provides a highly effective and energy efficient alternative to gas.

Storage throughout the various parts of the kitchen had to be addressed by using every available space for shelving and refrigeration. Even the dishwashing area is minimised by the installation of a Nelson Advantage Pass Through dishwasher which has a smaller than average footprint.

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