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Blackheath, London.

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Blackheath High School (Seniors) takes a holistic approach to its students’ well-being which means that every area of the school day is considered. Therefore, ensuring that the students are well nourished to maximise their ability to learn is very important. We were asked to design and install a bespoke servery to enable staff to provide a range of nutritional and appetising meals in a convivial setting.

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The large ‘F’ shaped servery we designed allows easy access to a variety of different dishes. Typically at lunch time the school serves a large selection of food in both the hot and cold sections including homemade soups, hot meals, cooked vegetables, salads and desserts. There are also sandwiches, bagels, baguettes and wraps with healthy fillings, jacket potatoes, snacks, yoghurts and fresh fruit every day.

The layout allows easy access for kitchen staff to replenish the various sections and prevents congestion amongst pupils as, with a cashpoint sited centrally, the display is divided into hot meals and lighter meals, both of which display all the elements required to make up a full meal.

The servery is finished in the school’s ‘house’ blue which, with the room’s rich coral walls, provides a vibrant background for the colourful food display.

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