Bond & Brook

Restaurant Kitchen
Bond Street, London.

A department store eatery focused on exquisite small plates

Fenwick’s, in London’s Bond Street, recently commissioned Rhubarb Food Design to run its new Bond & Brook restaurant. Having previously designed and installed Rhubarb’s own vast central production facility, the Rhubarb team turned to us for the Bond & Brook kitchen. The project’s high profile status demanded the most thorough and professional approach at every stage – all governed by a highly sensitive time schedule.

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An a huge anticipated footfall and all day service with daily menu changes meant that the kitchen had to be highly versatile and supremely efficient.

The space allocated to the restaurant kitchen was challenging in size while several architectural fixtures prevented free reign in the design process. Therefore, we worked around the fixtures and, wherever possible, incorporated them into our design. Our other aim was to reduce unnecessary footfall in the kitchen itself.

A cold room and a bank of refrigerated storage were sited next to an existing lift, now dedicated to receiving goods. Prime cooking is sited against a solid wall in the kitchen area and comprises two stacked combination ovens, a pasta cooker, a twin fryer, a griddle, a salamander, a chargrill and a solid top oven range.

Meanwhile, a dedicated warewashing room is sited discreetly at the entrance to the kitchen.We even managed to create a small pastry area and a tiny kitchen office.

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