School Kitchen
Greenford, Middlesex

A highly rated school that believes in healthy lifestyles underpinned by sensible food choices

Cardinal Wiseman Roman Catholic School in Greenford is Ofsted-rated as ‘outstanding’ across all key academic and pastoral categories in July 2018 – a tribute to the dedication of all its staff.

Recently, the decision was taken to improve the quality of the lunches the school serves its 1400 pupils and staff, and we were commissioned. The management wanted to dispense with the concept of using pre-prepared products and, quite literally, start again from scratch so the new school kitchen and menu were to be combined with an educational drive on all aspects of food, which included incorporating the school’s home grown produce.

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We designed the kitchen around a large, central island which houses all the cooking equipment. In another area is a vast dry food storage facility while, around the walls, we sited dedicated fridges and freezers, sinks and tabling allowing most of the food preparation to take place before being moved to the island for cooking. Mobile benches (which double as extra work surface space) are used for transportation.

The food servery counter and smoothie bar were designed to maximise the food’s considerable visual appeal and to prevent congestion whilst allowing kitchen staff to replenish stocks easily and quickly while, to simplify payment, ParentPay a cashless system was utilised.

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