Rhubarb Food

Production Kitchen
Earlsfield, London.

Food creators and caterers for some of the biggest London and New York events

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ was the on-going brief Nelson was given for the new, 30 metre commercial kitchen at Rhubarb Food Design – one of the UK’s most sought after catering and event management companies, internationally renowned for its slick operation and professionalism, regularly preparing and serving 2-3,000 covers a day. Aesthetics, too, were important as it is sited adjacent to 2 glass walled tasting rooms used by clients when compiling menus.

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The kitchen is home to several full time chefs and a fluctuating number of temporary kitchen workers and has to house sufficient equipment, storage and workspace to service all client requirements.

Around 50% of Rhubarb’s food repertoire is canapés so a bank of self-contained work stations was created along one side of the kitchen.

Functional and bulk cooking is situated around the island and includes combination ovens, a brat pan, boiling jackets, twin wok cookers, fryers and 2 x 6 burner ranges with ovens.

A giant, custom built extraction canopy is set over the island which, at 8.5 x 3 metres, is reputed to be one of the largest in London.

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