Restaurant Kitchen
Chiswick, London

A fashionable casual dining venue

Sam’s Brasserie, situated in an old print mill in west London and named after co-owner Sam Harrison, has won high acclaim from customers and food critics alike. With Rick Stein as a principal investor, it is little wonder that the venue has created so much interest. The menu is diverse and the opening hours long – however quality is always apparent.

At the outset of the venture, Sam Harrison and his head chef asked us to design and install a kitchen that would be able to function at many levels. We devised a layout that allowed a logical and fluid workflow within the compact kitchen area that would meet the demands of the constantly changing menu and unrelenting workload split between an extensive complement of kitchen staff.

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The design majors on a custom built, central cooking island, mounted on a concrete plinth for added durability. Making up the island are a twin bullseye range, a 4-burner range, a 6-burner range, a radiant chargrill, 2 high-output fryers and a salamander grill. A stainless steel service spine sits at the rear of the plinth and neatly houses all water, waste and gas pipework in addition to all electrical outlets required by the centre island.

Opposite the cooking island is a 5 metre long pass and plating up surface, vital to delivering high volumes of food promptly whilst maintaining the highest degree of presentation and quality.

The venture works! As Fay Maschler summed up, “The menu has something to suit all moods and appetites. Families are flocking there.”

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