St Mary’s

Boarding School Refectory
Ascot, Berkshire.

A Roman Catholic independent day and boarding school for girls

St Mary’s in Ascot is a leading Roman Catholic boarding school for about 400 girls between the ages of 11 and 18.

Good food is a very important part of the girls’ daily routine and, to reflect the emphasis the school places on food quality, Trevor Clark, the school’s estate manager, recently instigated a major renovation of the main dining room and another, smaller staff dining room. We were called in to create the designs for the eye-catching 14 metre counter, the self-serve island unit and the smaller counter in the staff dining room.

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Explains Clark, “We wanted state-of-the-art facilities that reflected the high spec of our school buildings and something that was also representative of the quality of the meals we serve. Nelson Commercial Kitchens provided the bespoke designs, Victor manufactured them and, working alongside the architects, Edgington Spink and Hyne, everyone collaborated to turn this into a reality.”

“All the girls and staff love the food and the cheerful atmosphere in which meals are shared in our newly refurbished refectory. At every meal there is a range of hot and cold options, and at lunch and supper there is also a varied and delicious salad bar. Girls are permitted to choose what they fancy, but there are staff on hand to guide them, and to ensure that they have a balanced diet. Second helpings have undoubtedly increased since the new servery was installed.”

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